Omid Zandi  (2018-2020)

Postdoctoral scholar

Now at: Senior Research Scientist at KLA-Tencor

Eric Thornburg  (2017-2019)

PhD student in Materials Chemistry

Now at: PhD student at UIUC (Gewirth lab)

Alexandra "Sasha" Lamtyugina  (2017-2018)

Undergraduate researcher in Specialized Chemistry (James Scholar)

Now at: PhD student at the University of Chicago

Pranav Ghatraju  (2017-2018)

Undergraduate researcher in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Now at: Scientist at Entegris

Margo van Loon  (2017)

Undergraduate researcher in Specialized Chemistry

Now at:

Leo Hamerlynck  (Summer 2017)

REU summer student, University of Arizona

Now at: UC Berkeley, Ginsberg group

Thomas Dixon  (2015-2017)

Master student in Physical Chemistry

Now at: Adjunct Instructor at Parkland College

Jocelyn Lai  (2015-2017)

Master student in Materials Science and Engineering

Now at: Package Consultant - Microsoft Analytics at IBM

Allwell Worgu  (2015-2017)

Master student in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Now at: Sales Engineer at Fluence

Offir Cohen  (January - September 2016)

Visiting research scientist

Now at: Materials Research Lab Scientist, UIUC

Brittany Hagler  (October 2015 - August 2016)

Graduate Student, Physical Chemistry, UIUC

Now at: Physician Assistant Student, Tennessee


Aaron Mena  (June - August 2016)

SROP Summer Student, University of West Florida

Now at:

Daniel Munteanu  (January - August 2016)

Senior undergraduate, Chemistry major, UIUC

Now at: Undergraduate Research Assistant at University of Connecticut

Bogdan Dryzhakov  (January - May 2016)

Bachelor of Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, UIUC

Now at: Xerion Advanced Battery

Mengqi Sun (June - December 2015)

Senior undergraduate, chemistry major, UIUC

Now at: Graduate student at University of South Carolina