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Our data acquistion software allows the user to collect a variety of transient absorption data at once.

At a single delay point, both average absorption mesurements and average transient absorption are available.


single wavelength vs time transient absorption and multiple wavelength vs time measurements allows the user to scan specific wavelengths through the decay trace.

Finally, using heat mapping, a full 2D plot of wavelength vs time allows the user to record the entrie specturm of absorption through their set delay time range.

Our program allows for easy plotting functionality by saving as a .xslx, .csv, or .txt file as needed.

Our ultrafast transient absorption setup, located in MRL 129 offers femtosecond resolution out to the nanosecond dynamics scale for solution phase materials.  This system includes:

Ti-Saph with ~130 fs FWHM and 2.5 W output.

Probe wavelength range of 300-750 nm CaF2 white light continuum.

Pump single wavelength range of 266-1100 nm.

Pump powers (~0.1-5 mJ/cm^2).

Flow speeds ( ~ 0.0006 to 3400 mL/min).

Spectrometer resolution of 2 nm.

Intensity resolution of 1E-5.

Time resolution (~20 fs delay stage stepping and ~200 fs pulses).

Delay stage extends to four nanoseconds of temporal delay.

Future additions include a temperature dependent flow cell (10x1x0.2 mm).

-temp dependence (RT-500 C)

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