New Group Members!

The van der Veen group has added two new graduate students this semester: Rachel Wallick from University of Maryland and Frank Alcorn from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Welcome!

van der Veen lab Achieves Pulsed Electrons in DETEM!

Dr. Omid Zandi and Allan Sykes produced a pulsed electron probe in the Dynamic Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope in MRL at UIUC. This is an important step as our team nears completion of the development stage for our one of a kind instrument. In the above .gif, the laser is blocked, showing the electron beam disappear. Allan (top) and Omid (bottom) celebrate pulsed electrons.

Renske wins Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering!

Renske has won a Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering, a five-year, $875,000 grant to pursue research in the most innovative and flexible way. The grant is awarded to only 18 early career faculty members a year and is intended to promote new frontiers in their research.